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Welcome to the Des Moines Perl Mongers!

Who are we?

Des Moines Perl Mongers is a user group for Perl programmers based in and around the Des Moines area. We provide help and advice to Perl programmers from Des Moines and the surrounding area.

Online, you can join our mailing list. In the real world, we meet for social meetings and chit-chat. We also hold monthly technical meetings. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced in Perl, everyone is welcome to come along and join us. All meetings are always open to everyone and have free entry.


View the current job listing for a list of just a few of the Des Moines companies requiring or preferring applicants have Perl knowledge and experience. OR view our Monthly Minutes


We meet the last Thursday of the month, at 5:30pm.


IMT Insurance
4445 Corporate Drive
West Des Moines, IA

How To Communicate With Us

Option 1: Visit us on facebook at Iowa Perl Mongers

Option 2: Visit us on Linkedin at Perl::PM::Iowa

Option 3: Use our mailing list at

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